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Landlord & Tenant Law

Whether commercial or residential, your lease or rental should not be something that costs you your peace of mind as a landlord or tenant. At Arold Law Firm, we feel compassionate towards your needs and will seek the best option for your situation. From negotiating favorable terms for your agreements, to assuring that you are in the best possible position you can be in, for the sake of you, your family, or your business. Give us a call today.

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As a Tenant, your rights are so precious and a currency to negotiate your living situation, but to what extent?

Massachusetts Law provides many protections to a tenant as the rental or lease property is in the tenants’ possession which allows the tenant many rights. Included in those rights is the warranty of habitability, as well as the right to quiet enjoyment. Although some landlords will excuse their obligation to provide these rights to the tenant under the assumption that the tenant does not pay enough to have to provide this to the tenant, this is unlawful. Furthermore, a landlord cannot excuse their responsibilities by writing it in the agreement. This is likewise unlawful and unenforceable. At Arold Law Firm, we not only have the experience, but also the extensive skill to negotiate favorable terms for clients to enable them to enjoy their tenancy rights. Call Arold Law Firm before signing your next tenancy agreement.

Business planning & strategy

As a property owner, your rights are no less important than that of the tenants. From negotiating tenancies/ leases, to drafting the final agreement. Arold Law Firm can help you be in the best possible position to not only have a piece of mind, but also to avoid needless legal expenses that could be incurred if you do not follow the very strict laws that govern landlord/tenant regulations and disputes. Below, is a representation of some of the services that we effectively execute on behalf of property owners.

  • Negotiation of Lease terms
  • Draftsmanship of lease agreements
  • Property Management to ensure code compliance
  • Lease/ Rent Payment collection
  • Debt collection of rent or lease arrears
  • Ejection proceedings representation

Should you need to discuss representation for a third party other than yourself, please feel free to contact us, and share some information via our contacts page.