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About Arold Law Firm

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Who We Are and All We Are About

Whether you are looking for a real estate attorney, a timeshare cancellation lawyer, or effective legal representation serving the greater Boston area, Arold Law Firm is a team of experienced attorneys based in Andover, MA founded and established upon its overarching principles, and the basic notion that every person deserves to be respected and heard out. Serving the areas of Andover, Worcester, and Greater Boston, MA, we know that beyond every complexity, lies a reasonable theory that deserves to be told and heard. While we believe in executing every task and matter assigned with exceptional zeal, we commit to seeing your representation through to every possible extent, until your story is not only told, but also heard. Our team comprises of practitioners and administrative staff who beyond their love for the law, lies their passion to fight for justice and equity and bring that to each and every one of their clients. Be sure to call on our expertise, the next time you are looking for reliable attorneys in Andover, MA.

Located in Andover, Massachusetts, our abode is conveniently situated within easy reach of most of the City public offices, and  boasts of a spacious environment with amenities to accommodate larger gatherings, as well as offering secure state-of-the-art connectivity, to facilitate exchanges of varying proportions.

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The team at Arold Law Firm boasts of exceptional and demonstrated experience in a vast area of the law, as well as other disciplines. Our team have experience in medical law, immigration law, landlord and tenant law, family law, personal injury law, consumer protection, to mention but a few.

Our team is equipped to deliver on practical legal solutions all around. Need help, Let us talk. 

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You and What Matters to You - Because That's What We Are About.

At Arold Law Firm, we are all about the client and what matters to the client. Simply said, your interests are put at the front of all that we have to do to deliver on any task or matter than we take on, because that’s what our undertaking is all about, You!

From the get-go, we commit to drawing complementing plans to achieve your desired outcome, with you and your interests at the fore. Our engagement will often involve a conference that draws down on the objectives as well as the scope of our representation, at which point, we agree on how to proceed, and what our intended objective would be. Prior to finalizing on any undertaking, you can always be sure that we shall check in with you, to be certain that all is going according to our agreed plan of action, with the over arching objective being in sight.

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