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Labor Law

Employment is perhaps one of the biggest aspects that define our ways of life. While there are different forms of employment from coast to coast, the one thing that stands true is that there is a common set of rules or laws that govern labor relations or employment, although these may also differ from state to state.

Arold Law, Labor Law

How Do You Know You Have A Labor Related Case?

A common phenomenon that occurs in a working environment is for employers to not provide proper working conditions or directions to their employees. It is also possible that your employer may provide all the direction and working conditions at your work place, but treats you or your co-workers in a way that makes either of you feel less dignified or rather uncomfortable. As an employee, you have a right to have such actions reported, and not fear for retaliation from their employer. Arold Law Firm prides in its exceptional talent to not only enforce workers’ rights by confronting errant employers, but also zealously seeking compensation in cases where employees have been treated less than entitled, or are owed an obligation, including (although not limited to) unpaid wages, as well as in cases of unfair termination. Should you or anyone you know be in such a situation, we urge you to contact a member of Arold Law Firm, to get an assessment of your case.

Employers Are Equally Owed Duties. How Do You Insulate Yourself From Potential Liability?

As an employer, suffice it to say that, one’s obligations keep compounding. From ensuring an ever productive and profitable establishment, to maintaining compliance with a myriad of state law compliance obligations, federal labor requirements, insurance based obligations, the list keeps piling. We believe your solution lies with Arold & Richard Law Firm. Below represents some of the various ways we can be of assistance:

  • Workmanship/ Employee Handbook Draftsmanship
  • Draftsmanship and review for compliance of organizational HR policies
  • Organizational labor relations counseling
  • Labor Certification Applications
  • Labor related litigation/ representation

Should you need to discuss representation for a third party other than yourself, please feel free to contact us, and share some information via our contacts page.