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Immigration Law

At Arold Law firm, we strive to assist individuals and families to come to America and live out the American dream, by counseling and presenting our clients with the best options available for their individual circumstances.

Arold - Immigration Law

Arold Law Firm is all about the complete satisfaction and peace of mind that matters to you, the most.

The United States has different avenues on which one can become a citizen, even though they were not born in the United States. Of course, if an individual is born in the United States, they are automatically a citizen. Likewise, if an individual is born abroad but was born to parents that are United States citizens, that person is automatically a citizen.

Whatever your needs are, we commit to treating you always with the utmost respect, attention, and professionalism regardless of your circumstances. In our office, as with most people, we understand family values and the significance of having your family around you. Furthermore, due to conditions in many countries, we realize that bringing your family to this country can be a top priority in many lives.

Our team is dedicated to helping others bring their family together and being able to live the American Dream together, for both a better future for their family, as well as a better future for America, as that is what makes up America… People from all around the world… who want a better life, and a brighter future.

Your American Dream Awaits

If an individual is not a citizen however, they may apply for naturalization. There could be many reasons why an individual wishes to be an United States citizen, from living the American Dream, to wishing to sponsor other loved ones. We understand those needs and can assist you in obtaining citizenship.

There are certain criteria that must be met for an individual applying for naturalization and because everyone’s situation is unique, it is best that you have assistance from an experienced immigration team to guide you through that process of becoming a United States citizen. We will not only assist you in applying for Naturalization, but we will make sure you are prepared for the Naturalization Test.

Should you need to discuss representation for a third party other than yourself, please feel free to contact us, and share some information via our contacts page.