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Family Law

Family law and domestic relations are personal to many of our members. Arold Law Firm comprises of team members who hold family and family related matters rather passionately to their practice. To this team, family law embodies the very purpose of their love for the law. We represent clients with a myriad of cases, ranging from paternity suits, divorce and separation, pre and ante nuptial agreements, adoption, marriage, child support, and custody matters.

Arold Law, Family Law

Why Would I Need A Family Attorney?

Often times, the need for a family attorney is never considered by many, and hoped that that need never arises as it is often associated with negative connotations. On the contrary, this couldn’t any further from the reality and truth. A lot of reasons would justify the need to retain a family attorney, even when circumstances are at their best in a marriage union. At Arold Law Firm, we are all about creating that homely and warm connection that reminds you of how close we are when you may have an inquiry or need our input on any life changing decisions.

Business planning & strategy

Some of the most common circumstances that our clients find the need to retain a reliable family attorney would include several life changing circumstances that may have far reaching consequences to the family. These may include, although not be limited to:

  • Family Estate Planning
  • Family and generational investment strategies
  • Child or dependent provision instruments, including child support and alimony
  • Trusts and testamentary disposition instruments
  • Separation plans and negotiations
  • Divorce and related matters

Should you need to discuss representation for a third party other than yourself, please feel free to contact us, and share some information via our contacts page.