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Criminal Law

All men are born free

United States Constitution

Arold Law Firm prides in delivered zealous legal protection and defense for its clients charged of criminal conduct under either state or federal code. We encourage our clients to cooperate with authorities, we are all about ensuring their best interests and work to ensure their protection. Talk to Arold Law Firm, perhaps before talking to any law enforcement personnel, especially if you have been advised that you are a person of interest or have been taken into custody.

Arold - Criminal Law

Who is a person of, or when does a person become one of, interest?

A person becomes one, or is considered, ‘of interest‘ either when they have been informed by authorities of this development, have been asked not to leave the jurisdiction, become aware of the existence of an active investigation involving them, or are under custody/ arrest.

The pronouncement of one as a person of interest implies that there may be some criminal charges implicating them in a specific capacity. Whatever the situation, Arold Law Firm is effective at protecting your rights and ensuring your freedom. Be sure to contact us at the earliest opportunity, once you have been made aware of your situation.

What You Need To Know

Often times, the involvement of counsel may come in after the authorities have elicited some incriminating information from a suspect. At Arold Law Firm, while we encourage our clients to cooperate, we caution against divulging self incriminating information. Below is as checklist of some of the things to remember:

  • Carry your identity card or such other identifying information on your person;
  • Listen to all instructions given by the authorities;
  • Other than answering basic questions regarding your identity, it may not be in your best interest to give unsolicited information;
  • It may also not be in your best interest to answer any incident specific questions that the authorities ask before consulting with a member of Arold Law Firm;
  • Ask the authorities whether you can leave, if and when you feel uncomfortable;
  • If the authorities are in your dwelling or house, you can ask them to leave;
  • Don’t be in a hurry to voluntarily go to the police station without getting all the details of the invitation;
  • Contact Arold Law Firm, if ‘invited’ to go to the Police Station

This list is not an exhaustive of all the things you need to remember, although it is a great start. If and when in doubt, please contact Arold Law Firm, before discussing anything with the authorities, as this may save you from self incriminating acts or statements.

Should you need to discuss representation for a third party other than yourself, please feel free to contact us, and share some information via our contacts page.